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Learn how to balance your hormones & shred fat for life:

  • Target stubborn areas of body fat using scientifically proven methods
  • Implement supplementation to help balance hormones
  • Improve lifestyle choices that help balance hormones & speed up fat loss
  • Boost your metabolism with Sally's train smarter not harder training methods

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Meet Sally Matterson


Sally Matterson is the golden girl of modern fitness. She is not into endless dieting, fad detoxes or hours on the treadmill - Sally's take on women's fitness, strength & safe fat loss is scientific, sensible & works wonders, both fast & for the long term. Her inspirational physique and the results she gives to real women have made her a social media phenomenon with over one million followers across multiple platforms.

As a BioSignature Practitioner, Sally‚Äôs fat loss methods highlight the powerful role that hormones play in shaping your body. Her systems have revolutionised what her followers think about how to lose weight. Sally teaches her Shredders to TRAIN for hormone balance, EAT for hormone balance, SUPPLEMENT for hormone balance & LIVE for hormone balance in an easy to understand way.