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Simple, Clean and Lean eBook Front Cover

Check out Sally’s eBook!

Author: Sally Matterson

Learn how to balance your hormones & shred fat for life

  • Target stubborn areas of body fat using scientifically proven methods
  • Implement supplementation to help balance hormones
  • Improve lifestyle choices that help balance hormones & speed up fat loss
  • Boost your metabolism with Sally's train smarter not harder training methods

Complementary Cooking Shows

Sally's Exclusive Cooking Shows

Get access to Sally's exclusive cooking channel.

A series showing you how to put together simple clean recipes using selected fresh ingredients that not only taste great but are good for you.

“As a personal trainer over the last decade where I have found people fall short is their nutrition, 85 % of our result comes from our nutrition.”

What's Inside?

Sample pages of the Food Guides

Sally's Food Guides

Clear and simple advice on how to understand what is the right food for you to stay fit, lean and healthy.

Clean and simple, nutrition is what it comes down to. You can train all you like but if you fill your body up with burgers and fries, that fat and low fuel feeling is going to stay with you, guaranteed..

“Nutrition is without a doubt 80% of the battle. Get that right and you are cruising on the super fat burning highway my friends”

Sample pages from the Meal Plans

Sample Meal Plans

I have developed a sample meal plan, which should keep you on target throughout the day and get you on the road to fat loss success.

I am not a massive fan of weighing food as this is a lifestyle change not a diet. I want you to get comfortable measuring the correct portions by sight.

Sample Recipes pages

Amazing Recipes!

Packed with over 30+ amazing, fast, healthy and super tasty recipes to help you enjoy staying lean and healthy.

A full range of recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even cheats and treats. All in easy to understand step by step format along with useful tips and advice.

Each recipe lists full ingredients and calorific breakdown.

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Clear and simple advice on how to understand what is the right food for you to stay fit, lean and healthy.

Simple, Clean and Lean eBook Front Cover