You were not designed to go it alone

One thing I have noticed lately is how well my Shredders connect to one another. They group message in the AM to say good morning & in the PM to say goodnight most days of the week. The other beautiful thing I noticed is that through this connection, through doing life together, people are achieving their goals...

Connection to others builds a strong foundation for fat loss success

The will to continue could of simply been because someone cared enough about you to encourage you to stay strong. People need people.


Look at it this way;

If the foundations of your house are built on sand when strong winds blow chances are it is likely to fall over.

If the foundations of your house are built on solid ground when storms arise your house is sure to withstand the weather.

You may already be on the journey to building a strong healthy physique; you’re climbing your mountain by committing to clean eating and exercise. But what happens when you get to top in the best shape of your life? Do you feel as empty at the peak of your mountain as what you did at the bottom?

Without a solid foundation in place & a network of supportive people a strong wind or challenge is likely to blow you off course. Before you know it you're back at the base, back to your old ways and have undone all your hard work!

So then how do we create the right foundations for life and stop the self-sabotage? How do you get to the top of your mountain, achieve your goal of a lean healthy body and continue to enjoy the view?

Surround yourself with the right kind of people

Create a strong foundation by being selective about the people you choose to spend your precious time (including electronically!). I also like to call this my “tribe”. Your tribe is the people close to you that you love and trust.

As human beings we want to fit in and sometimes if you are not strong in your convictions and purpose you can easily be lead astray and easily influenced. Before you know it you have surrounded yourself with toxic people and are slipping further away from your inner core values.

If you have a strong sense of self and you are selective when choosing your tribe you will gravitate toward the people that will push you in the right direction and contribute positively to your life not try to take your precious energy away by being negative, draining, judgmental, gossipy or selfish.

Know your purpose

Develop a strong sense of self or purpose. It’s about staying grounded. In other words find out what is truly important to you or what you value.

An example of a value could be leading by example. If being a good influence on your children or partner by living a clean healthy lifestyle is important to you than that is a strong core value.

The feeling I value on my own journey is waking up every morning and being proud of how I look and feel. Not in an egotistical way but the feeling of being the best version of myself and the sense of control and satisfaction I feel when I continually choose a healthy lifestyle. This gives me the focus I need to stay on track and continue to make the right choices because I have been in that place where I have not made good choices and boy do I never want to go back there again!  

Keep things in perspective

People that are grounded & connected to others keep life in perspective. It’s great to have goals and ambitions whether it be or transform your physique or simply tone up but also know that this should enhance your life not overtake it. You need to keep things in balance.

In my 13 years of helping people create a better body and lifestyle I am cautious of the client who thinks having a better body is the answer to their own happiness and will magically fix all their problems.

Sure it can certainly improve self-esteem and many other aspects of your life but without a strong sense of purpose, a strong tribe behind you along with keeping things in perspective it is much harder to change your lifestyle for good.

By applying the above you will be on your way to a solid foundation so that when you get to the top of your mountain you will stay there. When the storms of life come, and trust me they will, you will have the tools & support to stay strong and not let the wind blow your house down and all the hard effort that has come with building it!

Thanks for reading my blog. Please leave your comments and if this message has helped you on your life’s journey I would love to hear about it.

Yours in health and fitness,

Sally Matterson

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