What Drives Your Life?

Defining your purpose 

Imagine defining what you were born to do. What you were put on the planet to succeed at. The thing that you were given in talents and gifts. Imagine finding what you love to do and doing it well. You were born with a dream in your heart. Don’t let it die because you do.

Who here is happy with their life in all aspects of it? Who is search of something more?

Who would like to get in touch with their inner truth, their authentic dreams? Who would like to wake up inspired every morning; so inspired that they step out of their bed and into their living dream?

Who would like to own their hearts desires, to honor them without fear, reservation, shame or inhibition? Who would like to leave a lasting legacy?

Dreams and desires and not subject to anyone else’s approval; they are yours and yours alone. But you have to first define them, and then design and implement the action plan in order to achieve them.

You deserve to have all of whatever you truly want in life. All of you dreams are valid if they are important to you. It doesn’t matter if your dream is a romantic relationship, a new car, a vacation, a new business project, a new hobby, a job promotion, financial prosperity – and by the way there is nothing wrong with wanting more financial wealth. You can do a lot of good in the world if your financial situation allows it. It’s only the attachment to money that can become problematic.

So just remember that you must give in order to receive – so keep your intentions high. Your dreams and aspirations should serve to ignite a passion in you and this passion will not only inspire you to achieve them, it will also send a positive vibration frequency out into the world, naturally. The Universe will respond accordingly.

Remember all things are possible. Do not limit your vision for your future to the here and now. You must  believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy. Keep away from naysayers. Stay in the company of those who will champion you. Those who will keep you accountable and in alignment with your life’s purpose.

That is what My Time by Design is for – to support you. To encourage you. To inspire you. To Champion you – to be all that you were born to be. 

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We look forward to meeting you all & defining your purpose!

Blessings from the My Time by Design team, 

Deborah, Sally & Lorna.

My Time by Design is a course designed for Women who are seeking guidance from those who are skilled, educated and leaders in the community & wish to learn to work with direction and purpose. Learn from those who are have pioneered in a tough world and made it successfully to the top in their game. Learn from a team humble enough to talk about their falls and share the strength it took to pick themselves up again. To endure the ebbs and flows of life, while managing business and family life.