Vitamin D - the missing link to fat loss?

Vitamin D - The secret to a healthy metabolism?


Are you feeling hungry all the time no matter how much you eat? If so you might want to have your vitamin D levels checked.


What creates insatiable hunger is the link between low vitamin D levels and a hormone called leptin. Leptin is a messenger molecule, made in fat cells, that communicates with the hypothalamus, letting it know how much fat is stored in the body. It is the hormone that communicates that your stomach is full so when vitamin D levels are low these messages can get confused & we run the risk of overeating.


The higher your vitamin D levels, the higher your leptin levels and the more your blood sugar will remain balanced. Vitamin D helps your body respond to the correct metabolic messages.


For all those on a hormone balancing & fat loss mission, adequate vitamin D levels are critical. Not only does it help achieve fat loss, it also improves other risk factors such as insulin resistance (which if left unchecked will eventually make you fat), metabolic syndrome and blood-sugar imbalances. Vitamin D plays a role by increasing the release of insulin and helps to absorb other vital nutrients.


A recent report also stated that one in three Australians may have low vitamin D levels & we are also up there as the one of the top countries for obesity.


So is vitamin D the missing link?


You can go to your GP for a blood test to find out your Vitamin D levels. I advise keeping vitamin D on the higher end of recommended levels particularly if you cannot get out into direct sunlight often. Supplementation can also help maintain a healthy level of vitamin D in the body. D3 Plus has vitamin D3 and chelated calcium together to increase your body's absorption. It is also part of my Healthy Body Foundation Pack.


I hope this article helped my Shredders.


Yours in hormone health & fitness,

Sally Matterson


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