Transformation Tuesday!

What a brave lady. Shredder Karren shares her story...

"My weight had been a battle for the majority of my life, low self-esteem and rejection was its constant companion.


Coming together as a blended family when we got married proved to be more challenging than we both anticipated, leaving us stressed and words spoken between us at times quite cold.


My husband in a heated argument made the decision to not have any children with me. This so wounded me, turning my heart cold, amplifying rejection resulting in resentment, bitterness and heart turned toxic with poison and unforgiveness had set up camp in my heart, my choices began to rob me of joy, health and happiness crushing my husbands spirit at every chance I could get.


I had to take responsibility for my actions, physically, mentally and spiritually. I knew that I needed to change, to live and walk in forgiveness. Forgiveness has no limits and my faith tells me that God’s forgiveness has no limits, so why should mine. Critical damage was obvious not only in my marriage but to my health and when I had a major revelation, understanding the  power of forgiveness that then healing was restored in my heart towards my husband. However I realised that the consequences of my actions over the years was still affecting my health, I was sad all the time.


My weight had spiraled out of control to a very fluffy 142kg on my 5'4' frame. I was depressed and had become a couch potato wondering why am I here just existing (while polishing off another block of chocolate)….actually what’s the point of living, no one would miss me, I did consider suicide.


My life changing miracle happened and January 2014 I celebrated my first year Anniversary of my Gastric Bypass and losing 83kg in weight. I could not be happier and life seemed to be going really well, I not only had spiritual and mental overhaul, but now a physical one, a new lease on life and my marriage seemed to have stabilised, or so I thought.


One week later my husband said to me...I do not love you!

The years of damage I had done despite my now changed attitude had caught up and his spirit was too beaten down and had lost who he was and I knew I had to let him go, I didn’t fight.


I grieved those first few days, then the pity party was over. I did what I only knew to do, focus on building a stronger me, inside and out. Whenever I felt like my circumstances were trying to engulf me, I remembered where my hope comes from and through the storm I learnt how to dance in the rain and found strength that helped me face days to come with joy.


Almost a year later, my marriage was restored, my husband fell in love with me again, he saw a transformation of heart that illuminated the room, he saw a strength that rose up with determination to better myself physically, mentally and spiritually, a more confident woman choosing to live life free from the chains that once bound her.


I am living my best life now, understanding how powerful it is to have a healthy body, mind and spirit,  eradicating toxic thinking and behavior from it, but remaining positive speaking uplifting encouraging words into not only my life but those around me....I found that sweet spot.


Now my body is healthy with 12kg of excess skin removed, damage from obesity that only surgery could help with and Sally's extreme shredder program, re educating my mind to cleaner eating and rebuilding this body through strength training, training all those muscles I haven't used in a very long time or didn't even know existed.

Hubby calls me his tinkerbell, Xena warrior princess...I dart around like tinkerbell and live fierce like Xena."

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