The real secret to fat loss success begins in the mind.

I remember reading an awesome book called "Battlefield of the mind" By Joyce Meyer. The back blurb starts with ''A WAR IS RAGING. Your mind is a battlefield." This book sold over one million copies so I am assuming a lot of people resonated with the book title choice. I wish I could sell one million copies of "Healthy Body" ...maybe I should have called it the "Minefield to a Healthy Body" as more people could relate right?



I am a practical coach as you may have already picked up on. I give the tools I know work & I have created the most sustainable solution I believe will give my Shredders not just short term results, but for the long term. So why aren’t I seeing results in the thousands? Because we need to focus on the mind as well as the body.


How do I stay motivated? Well for starters I have a strong mission whilst on planet Earth to get women healthy & inspire positive change. Every time I slip into a bad habit I get a little tap on the shoulder saying;



"Sal, how are you supposed to get these women healthy if you yourself choose poorly?" so with that conviction I choose well.



I also love it.



I have felt what it feels like to lost with my health. I was a 1/2 pack per day smoker (yes not just a social smoker), heavy drinker (alcoholism runs in my family so not a great road to go down) & living off coke and soya crisps pulling 12hr days in hospitality & fashion and NOTHING yes NOTHING compares to what I have health! My health along with an improved quality of life.


I wake up every day feeling less depressed, less anxious & I have a better outlook all thanks to making the right choices. We all deserve that in life don't we??


I have called upon one of my successful VIPs & Health Coach Patti Williams. Patti is an expert in the workings of our mind & how a change or a renewing of our mind can be a game changer. Here is what she had to say;


"If you want health and fitness to become a consistent and sustainable part of your life or have what I like to call a ‘Sally Mindset’, you need to be approaching it from a point of view of abundance, kindness and support for yourself. Fear, restriction, guilt and shame may work initially but it’s difficult to sustain in the long-term.


The quality question to ask yourself is, ‘From which point of view have I been operating?’ Are you doing the workout out of fear? Fear of getting bigger? Fear of going up a dress size? Or fear of getting sick?


Or do you choose to do the workout and eat nutritious food because you know and love that it will nourish your body and give you the energy you need to get life done your way?


Always remember that an essential part of being kind to yourself, is to defy the instant gratification climate in which we live by giving yourself permission to take one step at a time. You don’t need to do it all and have it all at once. That would be unrealistic and who needs that kind of pressure in their life?

So start with one step and become aware of your internal dialogue – I promise you, it will be a game changer!"


A game changer indeed!


No one deserves poor health so let’s stick together & encourage each other on this. Follow Patti's facebook page to get some more great mindset tips as well. I believe that all of you can create positive change...comment one positive change below and let’s make a written commitment to improve our health together.



Yours in Hormone Health & Fitness,


Sally Matterson.



 "Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers. With over 13 years of industry experience, her cutting edge methods of training are in high demand helping actors, models, athletes & everyday people get their bodies in peak physical condition. As a qualified BioSignature Practitioner (study of hormones & their correlation to fat storage), she has revolutionised the way her customers and followers think about conventional means of weight loss." - Rockpool Publishing