SUPPLEMENT for hormone balance

Before I begin on this invaluable topic I would like to state that there is no such thing as a "magic pill" which will miraculously shred fat without you having to change anything else in your life (and if it claims this stay right away from it!) & is why supplements are given their name. Because their job in our lives is to SUPPLEMENT your existing nutrition, training & lifestyle.


People will often say well I eat well, exercise, sleep well & have no stress why do I need supplements? I will often ask;  


"Do you spend your time locked up in a office full of pure oxygen everyday with no exposure to chemicals that wreak havoc on your hormones?" (how good would that be by the way we would all feel amazing!)

"Is your nutrition completely organic & has a variety of every mineral and vitamin our body needs?"

"Is your body getting enough amino acids & anti inflammatory nutrients to combat the stress of training?"

If your answer is NO to one of the above questions then YES you need to supplement.


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We cannot possibly do the right thing all the time & everyone of us are exposed to environmental toxins. I myself love the occasional class of wine or sweet treat & I know at times when I am cooking for just myself I can stick to the same foods so supplementing for me is about balancing out or protecting my body because it is impossible to do everything right all the time.


So the next question is what do I need? I would recommend some basic supplements that help to balance each hormone in the body.


Insulin - If you read my latest blog eat for hormone balance, you would know by now the important role of insulin in the body. If insulin is not doing its job and transporting energy to the muscles for fuel it is unfortunately storing as fat around your love handles & back. This is also referred to as insulin resistance & if you have tried every diet under the sun but your mid section will not budge, chances are you have this issue!

So what balances insulin or reverses insulin resistance? 

Krill oil is one of the strongest omega 3 oils going around & it works to improve insulin resistance by increasing the amount of insulin receptors we have in the body or in other words it helps your body to metabolise carbs for fuel v's store them as fat. If you have severe insulin resistance conditions like POCS try Sugar Balance or Carb Blocker as the ingredients reduce the insulin response on foods & is best taken when you are eating carbohydrates.


Cortisol - The stress hormone that, when is over produced, leads to fat gain around the naval needs to be reduced. Training itself produces cortisol so we need to reduce this with a little help!

Chelated magnesium with D3 is one of the best formulas going around for cortisol deduction as the magnesium calms the central nervous system & the D3 helps the absorption of this vital mineral! If your an edgy, anxious person who struggles to lose belly fat chances are you need magnesium in your diet & supplementing is the faster way to restore your levels.


Oestrogen - The hormone when secreted in small doses gives women their feminine features and is a very important part of the reproduction process but the problem is toxins from the environment including pesticides, plastics and parabens from body care and cleaning products can act as oestrogen mimickers & cause the body to produce excess oestrogen leading to fat storage on the lower body (aka saddlebags) as oestrogen receptor sites are predominately in the lower region of our bodies.

Anything that aids digestion or promotes good gut health as well as kidney & liver health helps to detox the environmental toxins or oestrogen mimickers in the body.

A good quality probiotic (not all strains are created equal so be wise when choosing) is amazing for oestrogen clearance as it repairs the gut wall and allows the gastrointestinal tract to do its job which is detox! Antioxidant formula as well as a good quality multivitamin will help phase one of detoxification which is via the liver and kidneys. Think of oestrogen detoxification in 2 phases. The first is to draw toxins (which is where the multi & antioxidant formula come in) from the body into the liver and kidneys for processing then phase 2 the gut will ultimately be the transport out of the body but if we have gut issues it is almost impossible for detoxification to completed hence why a gut repair supplement (probiotic) is so vital in this process.

You can also limit your exposure to oestrogen mimickers by getting them out of your household! Skin care and cleaning products are some of the worst! Click here for what I recommend.  


Overall hormone health & balance - The need for minerals in our diet is so important for stress management, detoxification & sustained energy so if there was one key product that addresses all of those issues the natural mineral drink would be it. Think of it as your go to for health, vitality & overall hormone health.


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Please feel free to contact me at for any further information on the best supplements for hormone balance.


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Yours in Hormone Health & Fitness,

 Sally Matterson

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