REAL Struggles REAL People...

It occurred to me recently that only a certain few make the "cut."

It's a social media frenzy in the world of Body Transformation photos & only the dramatic transformations get the most applause...but what about the REAL struggles?

What about a thumbs up for the few that have busted their guts working just as hard & have followed all the rules, only to be banging their head against the wall with little or no progress...

"I kept seeing 'trust the process' messages in social media but still I kept going backwards... 

we eventually identified multiple food intolerances, lots of gut damage, issues with my body extracting nutrients, not breaking food down properly (so regardless of my diet I'm still malnourished), my adrenals are under stress 24hrs a day 7 days a week (because your immune system doesn't sleep) so I've got excess cortisol, excess estrogen, not enough progesterone. I have not been well for a very long time. I just didn't know it." Shredder Brigit

Read below for Brigit's full interview....

SAL: When you started out on your fat loss journey what were your expectations?

BRIGIT: It was 6 years ago I started out my weight loss journey by using weight loss/meal replacement shakes (not Sally's advice FYI :)). I expected to lose weight quickly and I figured it would be pretty easy to stay 'thin' using the shakes..little did I know!

When those expectations were not met simply by following the "plan" what did you do? 

BRIGIT: I initially lost weight but found I had no energy so I stopped & with the extreme calorie restriction of the shakes the weight just piled back on...about 2 years in I started training at the gym 6 days a week & seeing a trainer 3 times a week, counting calories strictly 1200/ day. I did this for about a year and lost 15kg! Hurrah I thought!!

So now I'd reached around my goal size I found info on how to maintain...It didn't work...I was devastated at gaining weight again. After all my hard work and discipline I was gaining weight again. 

It was around this time I joined Sally's training program with her approach to hormone management for weight loss and her stay injury free training methods.

SAL: What were the main reasons you uncovered that were hindering you from losing body fat as quickly as others seemed to be?

BRIGIT: I always knew I had a 'slow metabolism' and I put my set backs down to that. I also knew I had an Underactive Thyroid but I'd been on medication for that for years, so figured it couldn't be the reason..

It's only been this year that I've finally had a breakthrough. It turns out that my underactive thyroid was actually a symptom of an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Hypothyroidism which had many many more effects than just a dodgy thyroid.

SAL: How are you managing your struggles now? Have you found that secret formula that is helping you see results?

If I had a Secret Formula it would be: Inform yourself as much as you can & as objectively as possible. Then find the right people with the right experience to take you to the next level.

BRIGIT: It's taken finding the right team of professionals to get me to a stage where I can manage my Hashimotos (still a work in progress). I'm on a huge self discovery journey this year, but with the right guidance and the right changes in supplementation and meds, I'm finally losing weight like a normal person would considering my diet and activity levels.

I have seen and felt so much progress in this last year & that gives me hope. For me, the turning point was finding out Hashimotos was an autoimmune issue. From there, it's just been like puzzle pieces falling into place.

SAL: Thank you so much for sharing Brigit & this will be a blessing to many. 

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Sally Matterson 

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