Phase 1 Oestrogen Detox & Fat Loss

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Each of the 7 products in the Modere detox serve a specific purpose & I wanted to outline each one so that you understand how they work to eliminate excess oestrogen/toxins from the body & also how they will start to address the issue of stubborn body fat. You can join in the detox challenge here

It’s a natural, holistic or grass roots approach to fat loss. Many ingredients in this cleanse have been used for centuries to help heal the body. These natural ingredients will help unlock the bodies ability to heal itself. When the body begins the healing process our hormones will re-balance & results will follow.

Here you can download the supplement protocol for the detox & all the other details you will need. Some of the products are optional like the Para Cleanse (if you have animals or you are travelling overseas eating foreign food I definitely recommend adding Para Cleanse in.)


As I explained yesterday we need to clean downstream before we clean upstream. There is no point focusing on liver and kidney detoxification if the toxins can’t then be eliminated via the gut. Poor gut health will ultimately hold up detoxification & risk the chance of toxins recirculating therefore this product is essential.

Liquid Minerals

Minerals are our life source. They optimise every function in the body including metabolism. Without adequate minerals consumption during our 4 week cleanse we cannot optimise detoxification.

Liver Cleanse

This supplement contains powerful ingredients like St Mary’s thistle & broccoli powder to help phase 1 detoxification through the liver. Broccoli in particular contains a powerful compound to help oestrogen metabolism and is part of the cruciferous vegetable family. This anti-cancer compound is called sulforaphane.


Celery extract & Devil’s claw are two powerful ingredients in this product to help with inflammation in the body. The primary goal of doing a detox is to promote healing. The less inflamed our body is, the more we will optimise our time in this intensive “Spring Cleaning” phase. The less inflamed our body is also provides the right environment to burn body fat more effectively.

Antioxidant & Multivitamin

These 2 products also help in the processing of toxins through the liver & kidneys. Think of phase 1 detoxification as the gathering of toxins into a garbage bag for collection. Phase 2 is the garbage man coming to collect and take it to the tip (through the gut & out of the body). Both phases are essential and need to be supported in a detox.

Green Qi

This product I personally do not like the taste of (others I have spoke to love it so must just be me!) but it works wonders for energy levels during your detox period. In your supplement regime it is suggested you take it in the mid-afternoon or 1hr before dinner. It also contains the fibre that is necessary for phase 2 detoxification through the gut. Optional fibre can be purchased to help.  

If you want to join me for my "New Year Clean Out" Challenge proceed here. Also comment below you are joining in. Do not forget to take before pictures & inspire other people to get healthy once you obtain your cleaner & leaner body!

Yours in Hormone Health & Fitness, 

Sally Matterson

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