My Day On a Plate

The topic of how many calories I eat came up on my VIP forum & it went into a meltdown. Why? People are so confused on the subject of calories & I do not blame them.


I never count calories because it’s irrelevant. Calories may have a place in an athlete’s world as they need to eat more to maintain their weight or put on a lot of muscle for their sport but for the average joe, like myself, who sits in front of the computer more than you train, need to keep nutrition simple & look at the hormone response to food. Read my eat for hormone balance blog here


Here are my main 3 keep it simple keys.


             Work with a protein goal of grams raw measure - LIST HERE


             All you can eat fibrous carbs - LIST HERE


             Starches , fructose & good fats are to taste - LIST HERE


To illustrate this in practice I decided to chart my day on a plate in cronometer. I have used grams to measure so you can get an idea. If you are wondering why the coffee is so high it includes water it is not 300+gms of actual coffee although people that know me would be laughing at that as they know I love my coffee. I shoot for 2+ litres of water a day but admit I struggle with this some days when my activity level is lower.


You will see there is approx;

500gms animal protein

400gms fibrous carbs

200gm fats, fructose & starch


This is a lot of food & ample for my energy needs.




The macro breakdown worked out to be around 50/30/20 (protein/fats/carbs) even though the actual weight of overall carbs was about the same. Naturally a diet higher in protein will attract more calories from fats for the simple fact that proteins like salmon will have higher fat/energy content.


If I took out the treats I would have been on around the 1200 calorie a day mark. According to this site I need to eat 1600 calories.


This is where it gets confusing & complicated for some & why I choose not to count calories.


I am 64kgs & 169cms tall so do I eat more for the sake of it? No. My metabolism is fine & I have eaten this way for a long time. Each person will require different needs according to their lifestyle, gender, height & weight however my 3 keep it simple keys is an awesome place to start on your journey to a trimmer you.


I have enough energy to get through my day, I do not have cravings and if I do I will eat an energy dense clean treat. I will automatically add more energy from carbs if I decide to up the intensity & duration of my training. I stay the same weight and body fat % pretty much all year round.


I eat 3 times a day & if I get a chance I will have a snack. 5 times is optimal as it means you will not run the risk of going into low blood sugar & risk excess cortisol production but 3 is more sustainable for most so I shoot for at least 130-150gms raw measure of protein when I do take a break to eat.


So again forget calories. Keep it simple.


             Work with a protein goal of grams raw measure


             All you can eat fibrous carbs (try getting 1kg in it is impossible! I tried it once lol)


             Starches , fructose & good fats are to taste


I hope this helps take the confusion out of food Shredders. You can get more ideas for recipes in my Healthy Body book.


Yours in hormone health & fitness, 


Sally Matterson


"Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers. With over 13 years of industry experience, her cutting edge methods of training are in high demand helping actors, models, athletes & everyday people get their bodies in peak physical condition. As a qualified BioSignature Practitioner (study of hormones & their correlation to fat storage), she has revolutionised the way her customers and followers think about conventional means of weight loss." - Rockpool Publishing