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Below is an archive of my popular 2017 LIVE posts. I have categorised them also so you can easily find & enjoy the LIVE posts anytime. 

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Creating a foundation that lasts when storms come (featuring my personal testimony)

Dealing with a toxic environment for staying on track

Dealing with guilt & shame

Catching toxic thoughts out before they catch you out

Do you seek approval all the time?

Unforgiveness & bitterness can hold you back from creating lasting change

The lies we tell ourselves. Overcome negative thinking

The dangers of comparison


Belly fat & hormones

How can lifestyle impact hormones & body fat storage

How an understanding of hormones creates the best foundation for lifelong fat loss

Insulin management to help back fat & love handles

Detoxification for hormone balance & fat loss

Understanding how improving the fountain of youth hormone DHEA sets you up for lifelong change

How to become a hormone health warrior in your community

Top 3 tips for hormone balance 


The perfect pull up technique

3 most valuable tips for booty building

Perfect squat technique for amazing legs

Mastering the tricep push up for shoulder health

Sneak peek train like a fitness model training

3 key stability moves for injury prevention

Key mobility moves for injury prevention

Foam rolling for mobility & injury prevention


Best supplement for gut health (depression & anxiety)

Best protein powder to supplement with

Using non toxic products

Detox collection explained

6 of my favorite foundation supplements

2 supplements I can't live without

Supplements for PMS, peri menopause & menopause

More details on how to participate in detox


Easy sustainable nutrtion balances

Easy snack ideas

Bliss points explained

Seasoning your meat to avoid taste fatigue

Load meal recipe

Fruit or not?

Should I count calories & macros?

3 simple food strategies for lifelong success

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Balance Your Hormones & Shred Fat For Life 

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