Keeping it real...

So much of our world is made of smoke and mirrors & highlight reels that it’s sometimes hard to find the realness & truth in it all, but when we hear truth we know it. It sends shivers down our spine, brings tears to our eyes & gives us goose pimples.

Realness gives us a sense of joy, hope & peace about our human existence. Not to mention inspiration & motivation to act & make a difference in not only our own world, but more importantly someone else’s.

The truth is refreshing & it reminds us all that we are simply trying to get through our day the best way we can…

in good health & in good spirits.

I love testimonials. A testimony is the definition of someone’s true story. Their personal journey & how they have overcome. A testimonial captures realness & truth as someone opens up & shares a bit about themselves, their life & their choices. I wanted to focus today on testimonials, about how someone choosing to take control of their lifestyle has changed their life forever.

Enjoy & I hope someone else’s story gives you a sense of courage to overcome your own struggles…

First story is of Shredder Ange featured in the photo above. She is one inspirational lady...

"I’m 46 & have always been pretty active throughout my life. I’ve played representative Netball & Touch Football yet failed to understand why my legs were riddled with cellulite since I hit puberty. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 16.


I continued to play Netball until I was 41. Then our family experienced 2 big tragedies in 2011. Mother-in-law & Father-in-law passed away within 3 months of each other (they had been divorced for 35 years). Following there were family fights over Wills (as there are with broken families) which sent my hubby into a deep depression. I spent my time trying to hold us together. I lost my will to train  & care for myself


It took me 4 years but I needed to find the old me. So I started following Sally on FB  & IG & quickly realised her program is more than eat this – do that program. ( it includes hormone balancing) I asked myself is this another trainer who just wants my cash?  NO!! Sally opened my mind to the world of hormone balance (gosh I needed that), the right training, food choices  & mental health.


After 3 weeks on the program my cellulite depleted . I have so my much energy & best of all I FEEL AMAZING.


Almost 1 year later Sally is an still amazing support."

Ange is a VIP member of my website. You can join our tight knit community here. I would love to get thousands more stories like Ange's. 

Yours in Hormone Health & Fitness, 

Sally Matterson 

"Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers. With over 13 years of industry experience, her cutting edge methods of training are in high demand helping actors, models, athletes & everyday people get their bodies in peak physical condition. As a qualified BioSignature Practitioner (study of hormones & their correlation to fat storage), she has revolutionised the way her customers and followers think about conventional means of weight loss." - Rockpool Publishing