How my own excuses birthed the creation of VIP...


It's not that you're too busy, too tired or do not have the resources. All those things are rubbish. Why? because you are reading this right now. You have time to scroll through your news feed & click on a link so you have time to train.  


So why am I being so harsh?


Because like you, I too have lacked motivation. Correct. It was never about being time poor I just did not want to do it.




When I competed in body sculpting shows I had a specific goal but after I decided to hang up my show heels the excuses started. Ironically, setting up my online business created so many excuses to not train & as I recognised these thoughts in my own mind I thought;


"Seriously!? If I am feeling like this how the heck are the rest of the population going to get motivated to train?!"


So naturally I started brain storming a solution. Without even realising it by solving my own issue at the time, I was solving everyone else's. I wanted a quick, easy & results based workout. Something I did not have to think about. Something that would actually take me away from the daily grind & that I felt better for doing with little effort or having to pump myself up to do. 


And so VIP workouts were born....


Right now as I write this I am due for an appointment in one hour. I need to shower, change, brush my hair & have a quick bite to eat. It takes me 10mins to drive there & about 20mins to shower & change. This means I have 10mins left to write this blog so I can also fit my training into this hour. Say what???


Yes this is how I train these days. On the days I am not teaching VIP I squeeze my VIP sessions in. I know 20mins is all I will need to accomplish my desired outcome. So do I still have excuses? Sure, but I am really only making these up as there simply are no more excuses left with VIP. I press play I get it done in 20mins. I have inserted a sample so you can see just how easy it is & trust me 20mins is all you will need! 


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Yours in hormone health & fitness, 

Sally Matterson


"Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers. With over 13 years of industry experience, her cutting edge methods of training are in high demand helping actors, models, athletes & everyday people get their bodies in peak physical condition. As a qualified BioSignature Practitioner (study of hormones & their correlation to fat storage), she has revolutionised the way her customers and followers think about conventional means of weight loss." - Rockpool Publishing