Healthy Body Recipe - Protein Parfait

Recipe: Protein Parfait


This delicious, nutritious parfait is perfect for a post workout feast or an entertainers healthy dessert idea for your guests!


Makes: 2 servings
Time taken: 10 minutes
Level of difficulty: Easy!



★ 300g sheep’s or greek yoghurt

★ 30mL agave nectar

★ 1 tsp vanilla extract

★ 20g flaked almonds, toasted

★ 20g pumpkin seeds, toasted

★ 20g chia seeds

★ 20g flax seeds

★ 1⁄2 tsp cinnamon

★ Sprinkle of ground cloves

★ Pinch of salt (iodised or Himalayan)

★ 200g mixed berries



  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the yoghurt, agave nectar and vanilla. Pour into a jug and set aside.
  2. In another bowl, mix together the nuts, seeds and spices with a pinch of salt.
  3. Set out two glasses. Pour in a little of the yoghurt, then layer with some of the seeds, some berries and then more yoghurt.
  4. Repeat with the remaining ingredients, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat.


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